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About: Welcome to the MLP_artxchange. This community is an off branch of the other artxchange communites only made for MLP *my little pony* friends. The orignal founder and head goddess of these artxchanges is the wonderful Lemurkat. MLP_artxchange was created to honor the My little ponies and all those that love them..
Now onto,
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We are now open to all my little pony charaters due to requests. Offically my little pony charaters can be used in this xchange as long as proper copyright information is given to the correct orignal creators.

Da Rules
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1) The most important rule if those community is like many others respect those as you wish to be respected. This is a public community so please show the same respect as you where taught to share out in public.

2) No flaming allowed. Anyone who violates this rule will be instantly banned no exceptions.

3) You chrater must be a my little pony charater of your own design to join this community . If you are unsure if your charater qualifes please email one of the admins to see if your charater is acceptable. *no worry the admins do not bite unless asked;)* Though the examples below may help.
a) Example of what is allowed A mlp charater designed after your own charater with your own ideas. Such as a purple unicorn with turtle shells and starfish on it called sweetsea
b) Example of what not is allowed My charater is moondancer from the mlp cartoon show... Due to copyright laws and information these charters are touchy business. Though this might change in the future for now we are only allowing mlp charaters of your own creation.

Why is this not allowed? copyright and art laws for now. *note* the admins may talk abotu this in the future so this might change.

4) Art rounds begin and end on the first of each month. Role call go out three days before the end of the months round. You have until midnight your time to get your art in.

5) Theme rounds, Theme rounds mayybe periodically ran every couple of months during these rounds the theme is mandatory and must be included some how in the picture.
B) Note the theme logo will always be optional outside of the mandatory rounds. =^.^=

6) Charater submission guidelines
A) The charater must belong to you DO NOT submit a charater that belongs to someone else.
B) Charater submissions must be submitted before the eround begins so that your charater desc can be added to the memories foulder. (Similar to canine & Equinexchanges) Please in this post add all ref pictures as well in this post at this time.
c) This is done for an easy "Im in" post at the beginning of each month.

7) Info included in the roll call post is the following
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"Im in"
Theme optional:
LiveJournal Name:
Name of charater: (Charater must be in memories to use for the round"
Email address (So I can send you your chosen)
**note in your beginning post please introduce yourself and your charater* Introduction of you is seperate from charater post ^.^ so your charater can be added to memories =^.^=

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8) If art is not turned in at the end of the round the following applies.

1) Please get in contact with the admins with reason art is late.
2) You are only given a three day extension unless otherwise told by an admin.
3) After three days you will be banned from the community. (note) You will also recieve an email from an admin saying why you were banned and what you need to do to become unbanned.
4 If you get banned a total of three times your ban remains permant and you will not be removed by normal means.
(So get your art in on time!)

9) Ways to get added back after a permant ban
1) By proving that you can get your art in on time.
2) By turning in art owned and having two other members speak for you.
**note** You may only be brought back once from a permant ban. So please keep that in mind.

By Joining rhis community you agree to these rules =^.^=

**But all and all please remember to have fun. Work hard on your art. Even though artists here are varying in skill please put your all into your piece as for the person who has you will put their all into your piece.

Thank you
Your admin and Staff
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Now that you read the rules heres the charater sheet info. *Wrote by lemurkat all credit for this sheet goes to her wonderful self*
Pony Name:
Pony Type (pegasus/unicorn/seahorse etc):
Mane (colour and description):
Tail (colour and description):
Eyes: (colour and description):
General Description (colour, design, additional features etc):
Personality (very important when drawing characters):
Other information (anything not covered above):
Reference images:
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My Little Pony is Love

*note* all images were adopted from http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/xentar/54/nurseryu.html all rights reserved to orignal creator.

Meet Whimsy our own mlp_artxchange mascot
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Whimsy was designed by our very own Dwelian in our design a mascot contest. So Whimsy has a new home here on our page to welcome new artists every day. So please tag along with her and join the fun.
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